Plasma therapy

... and its historical background

The medical use of ozone began more than 100 years ago and was justified by the germ-killing effect, which the ozone molecule was held responsible for at that time because of its characteristic smell noticed during the treatment. Later, the cause of the healing effect was seen in the oxygen atom alone, that is uncombined in the chemical equilibrium 2 O2 ⇌ O3 + O for a short period of time.

Nowadays, the research on plasma medicine, however, proves that the oxygen atom isn't solely responsible for the elimination of the germs and the healing process. In addition to the oxygen atom, electrones and ions are released when breaking down oxygen with the principle of electric discharge. If atmospheric oxygen is used, other components of the air are broken down. This can be avoided with the use of medically pure oxygen. The same principle of oxygen breakdown takes effect with ultraviolet radiation which plays a role in the creation of the ozone layer that surrounds the earth. But, compared to the electric discharge the use of ultraviolet radiation is more harmful for the human body.

In the gas mixture of atoms, ions and electrons, also called 4th aggregate state, all components together have a disinfectant effect and not the oxygen atom alone. With the devices of MIO the gentle principle of electric discharge is used for breaking down oxygen and not the more harmful ultraviolet radiation. This results in the creation of a cold and gaseous plasma. Therefore, the therapy itself shouldn't be called as ozone therapy, although done occasionally. It is more appropiate to name this kind of therapy as plasma therapy or plasma medicine.

... and its special properties

Ozone is known to many people as the protective gas of the stratosphere which surround the earth. Moreover, it is created on hot summer days or during thunderstorms. And as part of a medically effective plasma, it is beneficial for the human health. The plasma is basically used for the same indications as the hydrogen peroxide, which has been used over the last 100 years in dentistry in form of a watery solution. Ozone is unstable like hydrogen peroxide and breaks down releasing an oxygen atom. At the same time, oxygen, the most important nutritient for human beings, is procuded by the breakup.

Plasma doesn't lead to a resistance of bacteria, viruses and fungi. And, no allergies develop, because the human body is exposed to different chemical combinations of oxygen (mono-, di- and trioxygen) as well as ions and electrons, which all appear in nature. Not ozone itself, but the free oxygen atoms, which are created both during the creation and breakdown of ozone, together with the ions and electrons of the plasma provide for the fast and germ-killing effect without side effects.

Plasma is bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. It eliminates odour, bleachs reliably and naturally and its effect is lasting. The systemic process of healing by the separation of oxygen (oxygen saturation of the cell) and the lymphatic drainage (evacuation of poisonous substance) is stimulated. The immune system (power of resistance) is strengthened.

The oxygen atom as well as the ions and electrons react fast making its effect on the cells intensive. In plasma therapy, the components of the plasma acts like bullets that pierce through the cell membrane of the bacteria. The body's own cells are, however, protected by the existing cholesterol.

It is particularly noteworthy that in 2011 the worldwide first chair for plasma medicine was founded at the University Greifswald in Germany and that the known Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. (INP Greifswald) conducts research on plasma medicine with the financial support of the industry, German Research Foundation (DFG), Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and European Union. Several large centre worldwide are involved in plasma medicine.

Studies of recognised universities and numerous user reports confirm the extraordinary success in healing of this trendsetting technology. The Ozonytron plasma therapy is the future of modern medicine. Trust the judgement of numerous experts and offer your patients this alternative!