Plasma and OzonePlasma therapy includes ozone therapy and goes beyond that

Relationship between Ozone Therapy and Plasma Therapy

From a technical viewpoint, ozone therapy and plasma therapy are both based on the same principle. Air and oxygen respectively are exposed to energy, for example, in form of UV radiation or an arc of light, created by electricity, resulting in the creation of highly reactive particles. In theory, ozone therapy and plasma therapy differ, however, in the active agent which is made responsible for the germ eliminating, healing supporting and teeth whitening effect.

Due to its characteristic smell which becomes noticeable during the treatment, the credit for the bleaching, healing supporting and germ eliminating effect has been given to the ozone molecule O3 and thus the term "ozone therapy" has become common. Later on, only the singlet oxygen 1O2 has been declared as medically effective, because this particle first separates itself from the oxygen molecule O2 in the reaction O31O2 + O2 and then reacts with the germs destructively.

Nowadays, research in plasma medicine shows that singlet oxygen is not the sole factor in the elimination of germs and the healing process. Electrones and ions are released as well by the breakup of the air and oxygen molecules respectively. In this plasma, referred to as the fourth aggregate state in physics, all components serve for the elimination of germs and the healing process.

With its oxidative character, not the electrons and ions but the singlet oxygen is primarily responsible for the bleaching effect. For this reason, the proportion of singlet oxygen in the plasma must be increased with the use of medically pure oxygen from the gas bottle in order to achive the satisfying whitening of teeth. The air with its low percentage of oxygen of ca. 21 % is not suited for this purpose.

Effect of Plasma on Germs and the Human Body

The plasma does not cause the formation of resistance among bacteria, fungi and viruses, because its components are highly reactive and react with the germs regardless of their defence mechanisms in a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal way. The cell membrane of bacteria, sporulation of fungi and docking mechanism of viruses get destroyed.

However, the body's own cells remain protected by the secreted cholesterol. In addition, no allergies arise because the human body is exposed only to different allotropic variants (structural forms) of oxygen (mono-, di- and trioxygen) as well as electrons and ions, which occur freely in nature and to which everyone has been exposed since childhood.

Due to its oxidative effect, singlet oxygen eliminates odors and bleaches reliably and sustainably. The systemic healing process by elimination of oxygen in the reaction O31O2 + O2 leads to a saturation with oxygen in the cell and stimulation of lymph drainage (removal of toxins). The immune system is stabilized and the body's defenses strengthened. In addition, coagulation (blood clotting) is stimulated by the oxygen, released in blood.