Treatment DevicesOur plasma therapy devices of the Ozonytron product family

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The plasma therapy devices of the Ozonytron product line are meant to be used in dentistry. Not only are they intended for the treatment of infectious diseases including the aid in the subsequent healing process but also for gentle teeth whitening, which is easy and time-saving in the application with the help of plasma.

Applicators - Plasma-Electrodes, -Nozzle and -Mouth­tray

The device models Ozonytron-X, -XL, -XO, -XP/OZ and -XPO differ, first and foremost, in the range of available treatment options. Depending on the device model, the plasma therapy is possible with plasma-electrodes, the plasma-nozzle and/or the plasma-mouth­tray. The basic device Ozonytron-X, for example, only allows for the treatment with the plasma-electrodes, whereas the device pair Ozonytron-XP/OZ as well as the all-in-one device Ozonytron-XPO support the use of all applicators.

Treatment possible with …XXLXOXP/OZXPO

Effect on Tooth, Gingiva and Periodontium

The applicators differ in the area of the oral cavity, where they unfold the germ-reducing, healing-supporting and teeth-whitening effect of plasma respectively. The electrodes take effect with the generated plasma, locally limited on the area of the tooth and gingiva respectively, which is approached by the electrode's tip. The plasma-nozzle with a plugged on capillary is designed for the treatment of a single cavity, root canal and gingival pocket. Plasma, which is released by the plasma-mouth­tray, however, takes effect in a large area including all teeth, periodontium, gingival pockets as well as the adjacent gingivae.

Continuous treatment …XXLXOXP/OZXPO
Localised on a single tooth or a section of the gingivae
Root canal
Tight gingival pocket
Large-scale on all teeth, periodontium and gingivae

Germ Reduction, Healing Support and Teeth Whitening

While a high concentration of plasma speeds up the treatment of infectious diseases, body tissue needs to be treated with care in the follwing healing process and the metabolism must be stimulated. For this purpose, a lower, less oxidative acting concentration of plasma is required. On the other hand, higher plasma concentrations than those common in germ reduction are necessary for satisfying results in teeth whitening.

In this field of application, a high proportion of the oxidative acting singlet oxygen 1O2 in the plasma is crucial for the treatment success and makes the use of medically pure oxygen indispensable. Therefore, the use of plasma electrodes is out of the question, because they depend exclusively on room air with its lower ratio of oxygen of ca. 21 % for the generation of plasma. For the purpose of teeth whitening, a gas bottle, filled with medically pure oxygen, is connected to the Ozonytron-XL, -XP/OZ or -XPO. Following this, the gas supply to the device is switched over from room air to pure oxygen.

With the help of internal high-performance plasma generators, a highly concentrated plasma containing a high ratio of singlet oxygen is produced and delivered to the patient over the plasma-nozzle or plasma-mouthtray. Treatment programs, specifically designed for dental bleaching, help you to select the desired type of teeth whitening. In internal bleaching, the plasma-nozzle is used for whitening a single tooth over its root canal, whereas the plasma-mouth­tray is made use of in In-Office-Bleaching

Teeth whiteningXXLXOXP/OZXPO
Internal bleaching of a single tooth
In-Office-Bleaching of all teeth

Hardware - Display and Handling

The Ozonytron device models visually differ first and foremost by the operation options, available on the device front, as well as the LED display and LCD panel respectively. The Ozonytron-X and -XL show the operating status and the chosen operating level with the help of a display, made out of a row of LEDs. With the Ozonytron-XO and -XP/OZ, more extensive information on the treatment are shown on a two-coloured, alhpanumeric LCD panel. The Ozonytron-XPO, however, uses a multicoloured, graphical LCD panel.

LED display
Alphanumeric LCD panel
Graphical LCD panel

All device models except for the Ozonytron-X, whose operating level is chosen with a rotary button, are equipped with a key panel. In addition, the model-specific settings on the operating level as well as duration of treatment and the provided treatment programs with the individually adjustable treatment settings respectively make the work in your medical office easier.