Plasma-MouthtrayGerm elimination and teeth whitening at the complete denture in one treatment session

The plasma-mouth­tray serves for the simultaneous germ reduction on all teeth, the periodontium and gingival pockets. Teeth whitening is possible with the Ozonytron-XP/OZ and -XPO and the use of medically pure oxygen. During the treatment, excess plasma as well as secretion (e.g. blood, pus and saliva) is sucked off making the use of a saliva ejector, which is required for the plasma-electrodes and the plasma-nozzle, obsolete.

For this purpose, the plasma-mouth­tray encloses all teeth as well as the periodontium and attachs itself tightly to the gingiva via negative pressure. By this means, a closed-off protected atmosphere enclosing the treatment region is created separately from the rest of the oral cavity preventing the leakage of plasma and its inhalation by the patient. If the protected atmosphere is impaired, for example, due to the patient opening his/her mouth, the delivery of plasma is stopped immediately for the protection the patient, while plasma is still sucked off.